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Just Imagine! Children’s Yoga Teacher Training
Programs for adults and children that offer the ability to create a life full of joy, energy, and strength. Yoga, creative movement and improvisation are combined with the arts (Theater, Dance, Music, and Visual Arts). Individuals have the opportunity to learn and to grow naturally in their own design while in relationship with others.
  • Workshops in Yoga, creative movement and improvisation for all ages.

  • Workshops integrating yoga, creative movement and improvisation with the arts (theater, dance, music, and visual arts).

  • Individual and group work for specific individual needs - by request.

  • All posted workshops are inclusive – everyone is welcome including challenges.

  • Parent and child family workshops.
  • Prenatal Yoga - Yoga for expectant mothers that is gentle and soothing during a wonderful time in life.

  • Flow Yoga - breath and movements are combined into a moderately paced "flow" that opens the body into flexibility as well as increasing tone and strength over time.

  • Creative Movement Education and Improvisation - The process of spontan- eously creating movement, freeing the body from habitual movement patterns, and allowing for a deeper connection with others and the world we live in.

  • This program is for adults wanting to learn about teaching and working with children through yoga and movement. The program is multi-level so everyone is able to participate.

  • Workshop level
    - seven 4-hour sessions.

  • Full Training level and completion certification
    - 55 hours.

  • Yoga Alliance Children’s
    yoga certification level
    - 95 hours.

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