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Children’s Yoga: Parent and Child Ages 4-8
"This class is a delightful mixture of relaxation and fun: a perfect way to spend quality time with your child!"
"Shirley teaches yoga through creative play and movement that kids and parents love. I am delighted to be a part of a class where I still get to interact with my 7 year old twins."
Yoga and the Arts for Children 9-14
"When Shirley started working with our son in 4th grade; he was totally stuck with his writing. She used her intuitive skills with children and helped him get unstuck!"
"When Shirley started helping our sons by using Yoga and Art, we were amazed how effective it became for calming and a way for our boys to express themselves. They couldn’t wait until the next time!"
Therapeutic Yoga for Teens
"My husband and I have been foster parents for twelve years. We recently opened a girl’s group home ranch. Shirley has tutored our youngest adopted daughter for a few years now. Since she has worked with Shirley she’s really thrived, not only academically but with her behaviors as well. Shirley now teaches yoga to the girls in our group home. The sessions are the highlight of their week. Yoga has really helped them bond with each other as a family; they’ve also learned some relaxation techniques along with having a lot of fun. Shirley is a very important part of our team."
"My daughter has been participating in workshops and classes taught by Shirley for about 3 years and she loves them! She is now 13 years old and has a developmental disability caused by a Traumatic Brain injury suffered at age two. She loves the classes and the environment is one of acceptance, nurturing and support. She has tons of fun in theses classes and would love to have them all of the time? She has grown by leaps and bounds in her self confidence and her ability to get up in front of audiences to perform what she has learned in her classes. Shirley is a great support for her kids and takes their progress seriously. She is always looking to the future as to how to bring the classes to other kiddos who would benefit from the experience. I have worked in Human Services fields for the past 20 years and have experience working with other families who parent children with special needs. I would support her program expanding so that other families might have the same opportunity to see their children benefit! Shirley and her other team members are in this field for the long-term benefits to the children!"
"Prenatal yoga created positive results that carried through my pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum experience. Not only did it help to build my strength, balance, and teach me beneficial breathing techniques, but it created a lasting bond between my baby and me that made my transition into motherhood incredibly joyful and fulfilling."
Adult Yoga
"Taking a yoga class with Shirley is a deeply satisfying experience that leaves one with a sense of grace, both physically and spiritually."
Teacher Training
"A great training to begin yoga practice with all developmental stages of youth."
"Shirley’s commitment to the health and welfare of children is inspiring, (Her) innovation and imagination in the service of that commitment continues to amaze me. It has been an honor to be among the first to participate in this new program…"
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