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Individual and small group courses arranged on request.

By Request Just Imagine! Children's Teacher Training and Certification
Summer Summer teacher intensive training will be offered.
Check with Shirley for dates and content.
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  • This program is for adults wanting to learn about teaching and working with children through yoga and movement. The program is multi-level so everyone is able to participate.
  • Learn children’s yoga techniques, methods, and applications.
  • Yoga Alliance Children’s yoga certification level.
  • Full Training level and completion certification.
  • Workshop level.
All levels of training include:
  • Physical and energetic anatomy
  • Children’s yoga: techniques, methods, and application
  • Creative movement education and improvisation
  • Specific therapeutic needs by request – including: attention, processing and organization, trauma, aspergers, twice exceptional/gifted, perceptual motor integration, learning and language
  • Philosophy and personal practice moving towards teaching from the heart.
  • Child development: physical, sensory, emotional and cognitive.
  • Therapeutic yoga and movement: Integrated movement therapy.
  • Co-creative connecting to community, the arts, and learning.
Core Concepts:
  • The child is perfect and whole as he/she is.
  • The child and those they are in relationship with are unlimited in their potential to learn and grow together.
  • Everything is connected: body, mind and spirit.
  • We meet the child where he/she is and offer pathways for growth, within safe boundaries, into a sense of competence and personal value.
  • Our intention is to empower each child towards his/her full expression and sense of true self.
  • We are in relationship that is being discovered, created and is ever evolving through the connection of the heart.
  • We are participating in a greater community with awareness and love.
A Multitiered-Program:
  • The program can be accessed at the workshop level.
  • The program can be accessed at the training level for those without 200 level certification.
  • The program can be accessed at the Children’s Specialty Certification level with Yoga Alliance for those with 200 level certification.
  • Certification will include 4 hours a month beyond class in contact time as well as practicum and SEVA.
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